It’s been much too long.

My family and I relocated a few years ago and I have finally decided that we aren’t moving again soon. ¬†It’s time to resume my life ūüôā

I decided to start with 3 card daily readings and will see how well I do at being consistent.

Today’s throw:

What do I need to know for today?


Heart – Birds – Tower

24. Heart: Romantic relationships.  Nurturing.  Strong emotions.

12. Birds: Communication (the type made with a voice rather than the written word as implied by the letter).  Phone calls.  Couples or things in twos.

19. Tower: Official building (government, education, courthouse, hospitals, banks).  Legal matters.

This could have several meanings. ¬†My husband (heart) is having his exit interview today (birds+tower) because he is starting a new job. ¬†I have frequently referred to our son as “my heart” and I might get a telephone call from his school – he is home sick today. ¬†The third meaning could be my strong feelings with regard to what I do for a living these days. ¬†I am leaning towards the second scenario.




The Rider, Card #1.

The consensus seems to be that the rider is about messages.  Some news is coming, and this is generally positive.  The card is one of movement, in this case the movement of information.  The rider can bring information to the questioner, or can deliver messages from them.  If no person card falls next to the rider, the card to the right (where the rider is coming from Рsome decks may be reversed) may be what the message is about.  In other instances, the rider shows conceptual movement.  The card he is riding towards will see an increase in activity, where the card he rides away from will represent an area that will wind down.  It is also important to note that the rider is the messenger Рnot the party involved in the decision around the message.  The energy should be viewed more as a passive party in most cases.

When the rider is not a messenger, he can be a love interest or rival.  He would be a new interest and not usually a previous relationship.  He is generally a younger man, but if coupled with other cards can denote simply someone who is atheletic or takes care of their physical body.  They may like to work out at the gym, run or actively play sports.  He could also represent a teenage son.

If neither of these descriptions fit, then the rider could be talking about a car. ¬†Back around the time period these cards generally illustrate, horses were the main means of transportation for people when they weren’t walking from place to place. ¬†The surrounding cards can indicate things as mundane as car repairs or warn of a theft. ¬†The rider can also represent a short car trip.

The rider is a quick card for timing, events will usually occur within 3 days (often less).




At this point in my practice, I thought it might be interesting to review the cards individually. ¬†I’m hoping to form a coherent compilation of what I’ve learned over the years. ¬†Any time I feel stagnated I will attempt to learn something different. ¬†Instead, I will write about what I’ve learned. ¬†I will review the cards in order and add whatever information I can recall. ¬†I hope this is a useful exercize.

Oh, many have there been for us as of late!

Since losing my job I suffered a brief but nasty illness and started learning how to be a bookkeeper again Рsomething I had trained for when I was offered the job I lost and what I had originally hoped to do.  In a way, it was like taking a nearly 11 year detour.  It was quite a blow as I had always been taught by both of my parents to be an independent person and capable of supporting myself.  Submitting more fully to the integration of a marriage, becoming a full time home-maker and parent is shocking and difficult, but the timing is perfect.  It will afford me to be more active in assisting my son and in getting the house prepared so we can re-locate.  Everything happens for a reason.  Change is often difficult to embrace when it conflicts with the ego, but it is easier to embrace change if you see it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

Now it seems my husband is about to go through a change. ¬†I often marvel at my husband’s resilience and his calm and steady demeanor. ¬†In the last two years he has seen and survived four layoffs at his job. ¬†The next one (which we believe will be very soon) will be the deepest cut, and we are concerned about his job this time more than we ever were in the past. ¬†I have asked several friends and family members for their good energy and prayers. ¬†Everything is in God’s hands, and what will come is what is meant for us. ¬†Of course, as a card reader it is difficult to avoid the potential insights of my craft so I decided to throw some cards.

This throw is based on a spread, and I usually don’t care for them. ¬†As a limited person in many ways it is difficult for me to interpret cards in different formations which is why I always tend to use lines. ¬†This spread happens to be linear which appealed to me. ¬†You can find it at the wonderful forum The Art of Cartomancy. ¬†The spread itself is here. ¬†I would suggest checking it out prior to reading the rest of the post (and I hope to add more to it so that I can explain more coherently, but time is not my friend when I write, lol). ¬†My cards were as follows:

(dog) (coffin) 


Ugh! ¬†Missing images! ¬†Will have to update those too…


The three cards behind the whip (which is the center card, placed over the “anchor” for work) are the recent past. ¬†Interestingly enough, the dog which often refers to friends and can be about loyalty is quite well placed. ¬†The reason for our concern had to do with an uncomfortable conversation (which is indicated by the whips) about my husband’s loyalties to the company. ¬†The mountain is perplexing coupled with the clover. ¬†It almost gives the feeling that luck is running out. ¬†It also makes me think of an incident where my husband had tried to shield a friend from some short term bad luck at work. ¬†I wonder if this will have something to do with the decision.

The whips also impart a feeling of controversy. ¬†That’s not so hard to understand given the¬†environment, and my understanding is that this layoff will be bad because the people who are left are all hard working and very good at what they do. ¬†The fox indicates a deception and the coffin in particular is very concerning. ¬†I could read this two ways – firstly that the assurance that my husband was given during his conversation was done so in bad faith and that either he or someone he was assured was safe is not. ¬†The coffin can be a scare or an ending. ¬†Because I am asking about his job, I worry it is the latter. ¬†With the tree at the end however, I wonder if it is a brief thing and that whatever happens will offer him some growth (tree). ¬†The coffin can signify a transformation so we may wind up with a little more stability. ¬†That would be nice.


If you mirror the cards and use those combinations (think of folding the line in half with the whip as the center) you get the combinations of clover + tree Рlittle luck offers stability or growth, mountain + coffin Рthis could go two ways, a great enemy (mountain) is defeated (coffin) *or* we are blocked (mountain) from a fright or ending (coffin) and that a friend it truly a foe (dog + fox).  Interesting indeed.

I am curious to see how this pans out. ¬†Until then, I need some rest ūüôā


My husband’s job was safe and several people we know were let go. ¬†I’m still waiting to see if he will be afforded some growth as a result of this process. ¬†He’s out of town on a business trip so we shall see what happens when he returns.

Much to my incredible shock, this past Friday I became another statistic of the economy. I lost my job of 11 years. It was really quite shocking and I was not expecting it at all.

After I calmed down a bit I decided to do a Shustah throw so I could get a feel for what comes next for me. I only did a three card throw (still very much an amateur with the Shustah), and here it is:

Position 1 (Premise) Red Five: The Black Cat. Red cards signify adversity, troubles, severity and disappointment. The Black cat additionally warns of danger or treachery. There is also the suggestion of awareness. What is most interesting about this card is that it came up for me several times in the last few months when I asked questions about my job. And, when I had woken up yesterday morning I had quipped that it would be odd to wake up and not have a job. I don’t know what made me think such a thing, but as I know now the timing was rather appropriate. I did feel betrayed because of the manner of my dismissal – I had been a long term employee with a very good reputation. I was dismissed over the phone with 11 other employees/friends and we were offered no explanation or indication if we would receive anything more that 1/2 a weeks pay.

Position 2 (The problem or situation) Yellow Three: The Butterflies. Yellow cards signify creativity, gain and spiritual awareness. The Butterflies suggest a temporary situation that ends in breakdown due to lack of foundation. It also suggests a short duration of time. A change of no permanent value. So I would imagine that I will benefit from this dismissal and that any hardships will be a short duration. I also had two people suggest to me that it was possible I would be re-hired after all the dust cleared. Being one of the messages associated with this card is also letting go, I am not sure this will come to pass or that if it did it would be beneficial to me to accept.

Position 3 (The result) Blue Ten: The Stars. Blue cards signify benignancy, serenity and constructive endeavor. The Stars advise to accept advantages offered, and to receive gracefully as well as give. Favorable business. Holding the attitude that hopes will be realized. Again, I get the feeling that I won’t have to worry too much about my unemployment because I will have opportunities.

I was fortunate to have the insight of a wise friend on this reading, and he suggested that on a spiritual level that this change to my life was something I likely was aware of and was something that I had agreed to. ¬†I believe that to be the case. ¬†So now I have plenty of time to devote to new pursuits. ¬†I suppose ¬†I can take up card reading and writing again ūüôā

I finally had something interesting to post and a few minutes to do so.

A friend of mine thought that they heard a voice in their home recently. It was late at night and they were up letting out a pet. They were bothered enough to mention it to me which was interesting. This is someone who doesn’t believe in psychic phenomena. I threw cards on it today and the answer I received was amusing but upsetting at the same time. I asked specifically who was at home with him.



It was amusing in that the cards were saying (quite literally): “No (fox) night (stars) visit (bouquet).” What was upsetting is that the event seems to be seated in his mind (the cards representing it are behind him, in his thoughts). It seems to stem from the stress and worries in front of him (as represented by the owls) which seem to be all he’s seeing at this point. I’ll advise my friend to try and take it easy, but I did want to share this reading.

I thought I might give this a go. Please let me know what you think.

Special thanks are extended to my “Guinea Pig” for this experiment. I could not do what I do without your unwavering support of my efforts…

In this reading I am looking for the fox.  The querent was concerned that her lover was hiding something from her.  I shuffle and cut the cards.

Dealing from the top of my pack, I will lay rows of five cards until I locate the fox. In this case the reading was very neat. The Man fell in line with the fox which confirmed that this person was in fact hiding something.

Now I can begin interpretation of the cards. To me the Lily is very significant here because it can reperesent a lover (though usually male). With the presence of the fish my impression is that this is more of an emotional affair and that it did not move forward into the physical realm. There are also no other supporting person cards. The Querent’s lover may have been at a crossroads and may have even wanted to move forward, but the fox is blocking this path, signifying that the Man realizes that it would be the wrong decision to make.


I received an inquiry from a lady who was curious to know if she would marry and have a family.  Here is the throw:

lilyletterpaths ladykey

So, the short answer is “yes” :). ¬†The Key is my “yes” card. ¬†Now, we’ll dig a little deeper.

The card which reflects the key would be the lilies. ¬†The lily often represents family matters, or a family man. ¬†Either way you play it, it works very nicely. ¬†If we move inward, we have the letter – messages in writing. ¬†I also would wonder if the letter was an offer in this case – if we view marriage for what it is on a very base level, it is a contract – a legal arrangement if you will. ¬†While this is not very romantic (my apologies, Ms. C) it still is confirmation to me that this wish will be realized. ¬†The letter comes to the lady – if you observe the imagery, right side of the envelope is elevated and looks easier for her to lift than the opposite and lowered side. ¬†The offer is made to her. ¬†The paths follow – Ms. C. has a choice – one road leads to this offer and the other to her. ¬†It’s possible that there is another relationship that Ms. C is more inclined towards, but this is the fellow who will propose first. ¬†She may need to solve some dilemma with the other fellow (Keys also open things – perhaps Ms. C is thinking about the correct one to open the second fellow’s heart to¬†commitment?). ¬†I would set timing for the first offer in the winter months (lily again) perhaps the month of February. ¬†Were she to accept, I like that this fellow is the Lily – to me this would make him a good family man.

Thank you to Ms. C for her question –

Best of everything!


Many years back when I was trying to figure out what the Gipsy Zigeuner was, I happened upon the Art Deco cards. ¬† They’re very similar to the Gipsy deck, but with 52 cards as opposed to 36. ¬†I’ve been playing with them recently and having some pretty decent success. ¬†Here was my throw today:

Profit, Fidelity, Sweetheart, Misfortune, Fortune

Profit, Fidelity, Sweetheart, Misfortune, Fortune

It’s an interesting throw, and I do like it. ¬† The misfortune/fortune combination is intriguing as is the profit/fidelity set.

The sweetheart (me in this case) is central. ¬†Everything branches out from her. ¬†Something that seemed like a bad thing was actually good. ¬†It’s like how being five minutes late leaving home turns out to be a blessing in disguise because you miss being involved in a bad accident. ¬†Being late is never a fortunate event, but it can be if it prevents something worse.

This energy is behind the sweetheart (to her back) so I feel that this influence has already passed.

The energy in front of me is more interesting. ¬†Profit shows us that sometimes a gamble will pay off. ¬†The man in profit is retuning a bet to the book maker to collect. ¬†Fidelity is a card of loyalty and trust – trust that a gamble will pay off. ¬†Or, an alternative way of reading this is to trust that an uncertain situation will yield a consistant benefit. ¬†That was very nice to see. ¬†I have been back to reading on the phone over at, and I have actually been getting some calls. ¬†What’s more is that people have been happy with their readings, and I am seeing some repeat clients.

To bring this full circle РI started doing my phone readings but went on an extended hiatus.  I was very concerned about the quality of my readings and was having difficulty taking money for them.  I started to log back on again more out of necessity than anything, and lo and behold one of my callers contacted me and apologized for doubting my reading from the months and months before.  I was totally shocked and grateful to know that I had actually done this person some good though they did not believe what I said at the time.  So something born out of misfortune has changed my luck for the good.  Walking away from reading seemed like a defeat, but it was a blessing.  I was able to read for family and friends and renew my confidence.  And I enjoy my readings much more than I used to, which is so important.  My coming back and giving it another go was a chance that has paid off, and I can have faith that it will continue to go well for the time being.

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